Monday, March 16, 2015

The Nurgle Crusade Grows

I've been up to a lot recently. I've got tons of Nurgle goodness in the pipeline.  To start things out I''l start with the one model responsible for a bunch of my inspiration. More pictures after the jump. 
The man responsible (at least fluff wise) for the equipping and outfitting of most of my Nurgle war machines and ships is this guy.  Maven Rotgut my kit bashed Nurgle Warpsmith.  He's typhus's right hand man thus far and has come up with some creative designs so far, some to soon be released  onto the material realm(my blog). Still waiting for my Secret Weapon Miniature bases then I'll get him based up.




  1. Now that's a pretty disgusting mni - well done!

  2. Well he's beautiful in Nurgles eyes lol. Thanks manus.

  3. Fantastic! I love the use of the nob big choppa. Looks great!