Sunday, March 1, 2015

New Chaos Demon Ships

Looking closely at the bow you'll see the demon entity that has possessed this ship. Look close enough within the demons skull and you find an human face screaming in terror. This is the ships prior captain, who begged the demon presence not to take his ship from him as it was his most prized possession.... The demon proceeded to remind the captain that only grandfather Nurgle truly owned the ship now. Even so, the demon obliged the captain by allowing him to remain upon the ship as its last and only mortal crew. What you see is the soul of the captain manifested within the center of the skull. He is one with his ship now.... For eternity.   Little piece of fluff for ya to kick things off.  More pic after the jump.

Finish converting my Chaos Heavy Cruiser demon ships  These guys were in pretty rough condition due to me chopping off a bunch of spare parts for Typhus's new flagship (check out the post "A Vessel to Deliver Evil").  I cut some bolters and scout shotguns in order to achieve the guns and used my new GreenStuffWorld tentacle maker for to cables and tentacles.  The rest is simple green stuffing.  I'll have a full write up along with some more in depth fluff when these guys get completely painted.  for now check out the Greater Unclean One controlling the tentacled cruiser and the face within the huge demon skull on the other ship.  Thanks for looking! 





  1. Awesome ships. I don't play this game, but I love your green stuff work on the ships!