Friday, February 27, 2015

Warp Talons and new technology.

I've got some exciting developments going on plus some cool conversions!   More after the jump.

Well Ive gone and done it again. I took perfectly good looking GW models and kit bashed them.  But hey its chaos so no harm. What you are feasting your eye on is a combination of GW's Chaos Chosen minis, Grey Knight Interceptor packs and ample amounts of green stuff. Also the Champions hand is from the Cultist Champion (he wasn't worthy enough to have such a nice piece). For the cables I used the Green Stuff World Tentacle and hobby maker.  It's hard to pick out a lot of detail so I'll leave an in depth review until I get them painted.  In the meantime try and pick out some of the hidden detail in the green stuff i.e. faces, pustules, boils, cable connections, etc...
Also I'm getting more into video editing and photography so hopefully we will start seeing more content like the video I posted on my social media. To check out the youtube video click HERE. It's not much but its a start and I think it would be a nice way to display my WIPs and progress.  Enough talk.  Pics for the masses.



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