Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Gathering Storm. A Vessel to Deliver Death.

Typhus's new ride.  More pics after the jump!

 Here it is.  Three days off and having no working  airbrush to start my latest commission I took time to begin a vision I've had for a long time.

I've always been interested in playing Battle Fleet Gothic but due to many things, lack of players the main cause, I have avoided investing in the game.  Until now.  My new FLGS has a few BFG players ready to game and utilize them in an upcoming chaos campaign I've envisioned... more on that later.  I recently picked up a whole slew of BFG minis through various Facebook groups, Bartertown trades and eBay purchases and with all this I plan on building a Chaos Nurgle Fleet and Renegade Imperial Fleet.

With the exception of removing some excess glue, tidying up a couple of parts and strategically placing green stuff to "nurgle" it up a bit this beast only lacks a paint job, some rules, and a name. All of which I am up for suggestions on.  Paint job should be pretty easy as I have some ideas already.  Rules I am definitely going to need help with.  I know there are some create your own ship rules floating around out on the web. If anyone could so kindly direct me to one of them that would be awesome! Also I am struggling with a name.  I originally wanted to call it the Terminus Est 2 but  thought that wouldn't do it justice.  Something latin is what I would prefer.
Here's a couple I came up with:
 "Sordes Draco" = Filth Dragon
 "The Libera Mortem" = The Deliver of Death.
 "Libera Labe" Deliverer of Decay
Correct me if I'm wrong on any of those.

I'll have a more in depth write up and detailed break down of all of the ship and its parts later after it is fully painted.  I'll probably even do a little back story and fluff to go along with my campaign. For now here is a brief description of the ship:

What you are feasting your eyes on is Typhus's new Flagship which shall carry him into real space during the coming crusade.  Built by his head Warpsmith Maven Grimlock this monstrosity has over 100 small weapons batteries, 24 medium weapons batteries, and 12 large weapons batteries located on both the port and broadside.  It also has a host of gargantuan "destroyer" weapons including a "spew cannon" (fed by a bubbling and festering pool of decay) and massive space to land missiles I have dubbed "the Continent Killers".  It not only succeeds in its role as a Battleship but also an aircraft carrier outfitted with both internal docking bays and two large external platforms each with dozens of landing strips.  Supporting an attack wing of fighters and bombers that only the largest of imperial armadas could muster this ship boast truly immense offensive capabilities during naval combat. Sporting a gargantuan hold this massive warship can house millions of servants and hundreds of thousands of warriors all rapidly deployable through a gigantic bay door underneath the ship through which the Deathgaurd with their immense transporter, frigates, bulk loaders and machines of war deploy planet side. Several command decks are strategically located across the ship and act as the brain for their specific sections.  All of these are linked to the main command deck, The Helm, which acts as the brain and sits high above the ship surveying and dictating all that goes on throughout the ship.  One might believe that such a huge ship would be impossible to manipulate effectively in battle but Maven, Typhus's lead Warpsmith and sole engineer of the ship, compensated with an immense array of propulsion systems, even an articulating thrust engine which gives it an aggressive turn radius to the port side.  Also a Warp engine, which boast stolen alien technology, allows pinpoint navigation in the aether and means Typhus can travel the Warp without worry of the mishaps that come with such an endeavor and he can drop the ship out of the Warp exactly when and where he needs to.  All of this is protected by shield generators with power rivaled only by those protecting Terra and a hull that is nigh impenetrable by ships of the current day and age.  Oh yeah and did I mention it comes with it's own Great Unclean One!

Hope you enjoy the pictures.  Any input, questions or comments are greatly appreciated.