Thursday, February 19, 2015

New shelves. New Social Media.

Got a few things happening on the hobby Home front and social media.

Put some new shelves up today. Should help me stay a little more organized. I've got some other ideas on managing my limited space. It will require some reorganizing of my enclosed shelf unit above. Need to order some more battle foam for that to happen. 

Also been working on a commission of Deathwing Knights.  I finished the test model and my client gave the go ahead to finish the rest.  He just wanted one minor change, a simple color swap on the skulls from purple to blue.  Too easy. Hopefully I'll be able to finish up with these bad boys this next week and start on my next commission which is pretty interesting.  A cape for a chaos lord which consist of multiple heraldry capes from defeated foes.  

Ive been experimenting with different painting styles and really pushing the limit on my abilities trying to learn new techniques.  Big shout out to my fellow painters Ethan Pearson of and Phil Von Morgentstern of BrushyBeardPainting for conversing with me and giving me some ideas and tips. Check them both out if you get a chance:

Finally, If you haven't already please check out my Social media outlets (link are on the home page, left hand side)  especially Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  I'm currently wrestling with the idea of committing myself to doing YouTube tutorials.  I've been asked several times to do various tutorials and I would like but I'm not sure if my schedule will allow for it.  I could simply throw up a quick unedited video but thats not my style.  I want an attractive and well played out final product and won't be happy until I have that.  I'm going to do some more testing and research to see if I can come up with something solid.  I also feel as if there are so many other wonderful painters, most of whom are much more qualified than myself, out there that are already doing really good tutorials so I may just be overlapping a product in an already crowded and competitive market. Wow, that was the business marketing major talking just then... 

Regardless a website is in the making and a brand logo is being worked on as I type.  Should have some mock ups soon for both.  I'll fill y'all in when I do.  Until then...




  1. That is some absolutely beautiful colors on the deathwing. Wow. I love that purple. So very well done !

    And nice organized hobby space!

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