Tuesday, February 10, 2015

High Res Pics of my latest commission and what I've been up to.

Crimson Fist Sternguard and Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard Commission Complete! Hi-Def Photos after the jump. Enjoy! 

Well what an excellent experience I had painting these guys.  This commission was for my buddy back in Texas, Stetson, who's dormancy in 40k is being revamped.  Hopefully these newly painted models will help kickstart that re-emergence into the game.

My wonderful wife helped me take the photos and get them ready for the web.  Thanks Moon!

Enough talking I'll let the pics do the rest.  Click on any of them for an enhanced view.
Notice the handprinted text on his scroll

Notice the purple jewels on the Standard

A little OSL on the jump packs

The wings were decided to be kept black to contrast with the armor, I think it worked perfectly

Sons of Sanguinius
The blue highlights were easy and fun to paint


These are some of my favorite models in the entire game, I have some of my own waiting to be painted
Do you even heavy weapon bro?

Check out the green and blue buttons, I love adding this type of detail
Check out that scope on his bolter

Really pleased with how the guys turned out, tempted to paint mine  just like these

I'm working on a couple of other commissions at the moment I'll have some updates on those over on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so check me out over on those social media sites.  Links to each are on my homepage on the lefthand side.

I've got some big things in the work.  A Nurgle Crusade is brewing on my hobby desk in between the commission work.  Things should start to amp up with this project come spring and summer.  We are talking "god-like" scale here.  Whoa!  Did I just do that? Yep I did...
Film school is presenting me with some unique opportunities to take my hobby to a new level, maybe even turning it into work.... who knew?

I think that's about it.

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  1. Really love the sternguard. Your highlights really give them this "blessed by the emperor" feeling. Kinda of an awesome metallic glow about them. They're really really nice! I hope the client was happy!