Friday, January 30, 2015


Well at long last I, for the most part, am settled into my new life in my new Brooklyn studio apartment with my new routine.
My new Workstation in my new Studio!
Yep, that's the view from my apartment complex's rooftop deck...  damn son.
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Chrysler Building and
Grand Central

That's right no more morning Army PT, no more being on Uncle Sam's clock and no more cold Kansas weather.  Instead I've traded my Army boots for a nice pair of Nike's and now I wake up early to work out, I'm on my school's schedule and have the wonderful New York cold to deal with.  Wow... not much has changed. Uhhhh...

No but in all honesty as much as I miss my Army buddies and some of the experiences of military life I'm much happier now back in the civilian world living my own life again.  I've definitely grown as a person, have many positive outlooks on life now and am so much more appreciative of the little things.

A little of the local art.
So here I am in New York City, Brooklyn that is, sharing a tiny studio apartment with my wonderful wife and my two dogs.  I'm back in school, this time for something I really am enjoying. Yep, film school is my new thing and its pretty rad.... did I just use rad? Ah well WTF.
Anyways enough of my personal life bullshit let's get onto the real reason you came here... NERD shit!

St. Patricks Cathedral
(very 40k Gothic)

So I've recently just finished putting together my hobby workstation and I have to say, I'm quite impressed with it.  Part of the reason it amazes me is due to the fact that I've condensed, what was essentially an entire room from my last place in Kansas, into a single desk and cabinet.  Albeit, I've gotten rid of quite a few things since I moved, namely my 20k+ of Orks and a metric fuck ton of sprues that have needed to be taken care of for a long time. I'm really happy with the result and I feel as if my Xi(Chi) is coming back into balance.  Painting and Hobby is my meditation and I really need it to balance myself from everyday life.
Another view of my rooftop
 taken with my iPhone

Luckily I moved to a place very close to the friendly local gaming store.  The Brooklyn Strategist is a really cool place with some good people and a great atmosphere.  With the exception of a kids after school program, which I fell is a great idea and excellent for growing the community, but can get a little loud (go in the evenings) the place is really chill and should prove to be a positive environment where I can grow my hobby.  They were even cool enough to work a deal with me so that I could store my table and terrain for free in exchange for letting them use it regularly.  This worked out great because I feel the employees will monitor and take really good care of it AND I love showing off my stuff!  (thanks Matt)  On top of this all, they hooked me up with a membership which holds certain benefits.  A win/win situation if you ask me.  I'll have more of a write up on my new FLGS later down the road.
Located in a busy yet nice commercial area of Brooklyn.

The interior is top notch and I've only seen one or two other stores that compare to this, and I've seen ALOT of stores.  Yes thats a full service coffee bar and bakery....  holy, santa clause shit.
I also dropped by the Games Workshop in Greenwich Village and was pleasantly surprised.  Really great store and friendly Manager named Scott.  I had a good long talk with him and was very impressed with his product knowledge and fluff intel.  The store was clean, fully stocked, and had 3 full size gaming tables.  I'll definitely make it a point to get some games in at this store and maybe even join one of the ongoing leagues they got going on.
Do you even G-Dubb bro?
Ok so to the topic of the post. Here's a small sample of what I had to break down and store. This is only the sprues and bits that needed organizing. I still had my minis, unfinished minis, paints, tools, airbrush, general hobby stuff, etc, etc, etc.....

I was a little worried I wasn't going to be able to fit everything but with the help of IKEA and my pocketbook I formulated a plan.  I needed an easily accessible yet well maintained and orderly area which wouldn't be an eye sore if we had company

I condensed my minis into what cases I had and was able to fit them all on my side of the one closet our place has.  I still had a shit ton of things which was really worrying me.  Nevertheless, I carried on with my plans and low and behold a week later, a little money spent and a whole lot of sprue clipping and bit organizing later....

My workstation turned out like this:
Here it is incognito...

and here it is in all of its glory!!!!
I know, Im impressed too Will.
I usually have my iPad hooked up streaming battle reports, tutorials, or podcast and notice my new Back-2-Basix paint rack. It actually gets close to holding every Citadel paint, I'm just shy a few.

So this is where I'm keeping all of my "to do" work.  Commissions, fixer uppers, conversions, crap, all goes in here. Currently my Badger compressor and ventilation booth are under my desk but I'm thinking they'll soon be moving to the cabinet space thats still vacant.

This is my bits bins, sprues and extra paints, plus Dauntless 320 is chillin waiting for his waist magnetization.

My pride of my hobby station, A Kennedy Machinist Toolbox.  This used to be (and in some opinion still is) the bees knees of toolboxes for machinist back in the day.  I remember my grandfather and his Kennedy in his barn when I was a kid.  That thing must be 50 years old today.  I'm going to keep mine in decent shape over the years as I think it will be a really cool item down the line and hopefully will inspire my kids in the future.

My Badger Brushes, a Sotar 20/20 and Krome... Beauties.
I'm all about organization and keeping things in a certain place.  Call it OCD. I call it Feng Shui.  It helps my Zen.

More tools of the trade.

Most of my basing materials.  My sand, flock and other materials are kept below the desk in the drawers.

You can see my various glues and accelerators, airbrush and paintbrush maintenance and a ForgeWorld free shipping voucher which runs out today..... Fuck. Forgot until I saw this photo. 

Finally, an overview with a little bit of the Brooklyn skyline out the window and my medieval memorabilia, yes thats William Wallace's Claymore and a Norse Battle Axe. Hopefully I'll be filling that gray wall to the right with an 4k TV soon.  Here's to wishing.

This set up is working great so far.  I really feel at home now with my nerd inventory back up to par and my commission assembly line back in full swing  If you've got any questions about what's what or where to get it please feel free to post your questions in the comments.  Also if you've got any pics of your hobby area post them up!  I'm always inspired to see fellow hobbyist in their own element.  

On a side note I've been ramping up on painting.  Currently I'm working on a couple of commissions which I'll have some updates for in the near future.  

Also check out my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube accounts and FOLLOW ME AND LIKE MY PAGES AS WELL AS HERE PLEASE!!  The Links are also on the front page now.  I don't have any content on YouTube just yet but that will soon change.  There are big things happening   in the NativeGreay atmosphere and I'm learning some really cool stuff everyday.  This will definitely transfer into better content and more importantly, consistent content, for you the reader (whom I greatly appreciate).

My new light booth I've been testing out.  Hi-Def photos to come.

A little preview of my next army. Shits about to get real. Fo real.

As always,  good Hunting.




  1. Grats on the move. Really nice workshop/station. Super crazy organized. I'm a bit jealous. I never seem to have enough space because I'm constantly expanding. Looking forward to new photos and work!

  2. Thanks Greg. Haha I've always wanted to be super organized lie this I've just never pushed myself to do it. Feels good now that I finally did. I know what you mean about expanding, it got to a point at my last place where I said enough. I don't need this much stuff. Now I don't feel so overwhelmed. Thanks for being a loyal follower. I hope to reward you with some regular quality updates.