Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well it's been a while, I've been in the gargantuan process of finishing my contract with the Army. After five long hard yet rewarding years I'm finally a civilian again. Between surgery, tons of paperwork, packing, moving, visiting family, the holidays life has not been very supportive of my hobby. Alas, I'm back in business and super exciting about what's happening in my nerd life.

First and foremost happy thanksgiving! I hope you and yours are enjoying the holidays. 

Second, as Dorothy said, "we're not in Kansas anymore," and it's very true. My family and have left Kansas and are visiting family for November and December in Oklahoma and Texas. By the end of December I will have relocated to NYC in hopes that my wife has a new career and I will be attending film school and working on my Masters degree. 

For now though I'm here in Texas and keeping busy hanging out with family and helping my best friend with his comic book and gaming store. Plug: It's a great example of what a gaming store should be. Clean, well stocked, large space, knowledgeable and curtious staff, and a solid gaming community. If you're ever in Amarillo Texas be sure to stop in and tell them Colt sent you. 

I have been trying to evolve into a well rounded gamer and have recently invested in some different gaming systems.

The new Warhammer: End Times books are simply amazing. This is my first dabble into Fantasy with the exception the Wood Elves Army Book and a few Wood Elf minis. The premiss of moving along the story line thrills me and the fluff within thes tombs is real entertaining.  I have to mention that the new BlightKing and Glottkin models are by far my favorite GW models right now. I will be converting those up in the near future to start my 40k Nurgle army. Really can't wait. 

I've also purchased the Flames of War main Rulebook set in hope that NYC will have a supportive community. After watching the move "Fury" I was inspired to recreate the unit I served with the army as its historical cousin during the invasion 
of Normandy. I've always like the scale of Flames of War and think does one of the best jobs representing true scale, ranges and distances. We will see how this game pans out. 

Finally I've somehow managed to let my buddies talk me into getting back into Warmahordes. It wasn't really that hard as I've always loved the background of the Steampunk/Beast world and the balance of the game is unmatched by any of the other tabletop games I've played. Plus WarmaHordes is huge around this area. My first go around almost 7 years ago was with Khador and although I really enjoyed them with their beefy Warjacks and cool Russian theme I was drawn to Circle of Orbos and Cygnat this time around. I like the mechanics of beast and warlocks but after a game with Circle I was longing for the old feel of marshaling a Jack around the battlefield and unleashing volleys of hand cannons and aim rifle fire. Therefore, along with the Rulebook, I picked up the Cynar army book and placed an order for a small force laden with my favorite models that I know will be super fun to paint blue and gold.  More to come when they arrive. 

I also snagged a boxful of Lord of the Rings for dirt cheap. My brother in law is a huge LoTR fan and has wanted to play the table top game for a while. I used the bargain as an excuse to pick them up so him and I could get a game in from time to time. He took forces of good and I took forces of evil. I've always wanted to have the Urak Hai pike models and along with some Dundlings I should have a pretty cool force. We may have a sit down and a tutorial to get him started painting a couple. 

For any of you in need of good hobby lights Joanne Fabric is having a smoking deal where if you buy an 18w desk lamp you get a 24w tall floor lamp for free. These things are priceless and if you don't paint with a daylight hobby light then you are truly missing out on a
huge benefit to your hobby. 

Last but not least I have accepted a commission from a really good guy here in town and I'm pumped to start on models. A bunch of Chaos Demons, Trolls and a Belakor will prove to be a full load for me but I have some really cool ideas for them. More to come. 

Happy Thanksgiving and Gaming. 



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