Sunday, November 30, 2014

Dabbling in other games.

Played a 35pt game of Warmahordes last night.  Tried some things out and had a blast. My buddy Adam is a PressGanger and was a big help with my army.
I ended up winning by getting a lucky combo kill on his caster which was hilarious. I also received generous help from my buddies watching the game. I'm totally a model collector before a gamer so I'm going with models I really like the look of. I'll work out the synergy and kinks as I go and figure out what works. For now I'm learning the ways of Cygnar.
I've also been watching a load of games. Always fun learning a new system. 




  1. I find going for games based on models is always an excellent idea. Even if you stop playing the game, at least you have some cool models you built and painted!

  2. Right on Greg. I'm right there with you.