Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hobby Update: More Terrain!

Well work has kept me busy. Real busy. 

Even so I did some substantial terrain work throughout the week. I've been sitting on a bunch of left over terrain from my landing port table so I decided to throw together a bit of city terrain. I learned that I am in fact not very good at building vertical buildings. Oh well it is masked by the fact that the city has been shelled a bit. Also check out my fuel and ammo depot and downed Valkyrie objective markers. Those were fun to build and they turned out really cool. I'll probably be giving these a paint job this weekend. 

I turned this: 

Into this:

Small cathedral

Downed Valkyrie

City Rubble

"The Podium" A public speaking tower

Another shot of the cathedral



1 comment:

  1. Awesome use of the terrain!!!! Really like how you've put these kits together. Makes me want to rip mine apart and copy :).