Sunday, June 29, 2014

Knight Paladin: Dauntless 320

He's finally coming together and man is he looking ready to fight! I've struggled staying focused and finishing this model but sometimes you just have to ask yourself, "what would Yarrick do?" He'd push on and kick some Ork ass! More pics after the jump!

I'm about %80 complete painting my Knight Paladin. Thank goodness because this guy has been quite a feat to accomplish. I was really struggling to make myself put the transfer decals on seeing as how I despise working with them. Even so, I muscled through and came out with what you see in the pics. I'm not to sure if I'm completely satisfied with the blue and the red together as something seems not to match. Maybe ill paint the blue eagle a different color. I'll sleep on it and revisit the idea in the morning.  I'll try finishing up the Knight in the next couple of days and I'll get some high quality pics up when I'm done. Any suggestions are greatly welcome.

I've got a couple games for our "The Coming Storm" campaign scheduled tomorrow with a few surprises. I'll post some pics after we finish. 

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  1. very eye catching, good job!

  2. Thank you! Working on him right now! Should have him finished by tomorrow and have some new pics up.