Sunday, June 1, 2014

It's time for Krumpin!! A Stompa in a weekend! Hobby Update

He's finished.  After 5 years, he's finished.

My buddy started painting his Death Skull Stompa on Friday and it inspired me to get my Goff Stompa finished in light of our upcoming campaign.  This was a very easy and fun model to paint, most of all the grots!  With the exception of painting a few more checkers around the model I feel that he is worthy enough to grace the battlefield.  I also revisited three of my killa kanz and added some patina effects and rust.  I don't believe I will do anymore rust effects on my Goffs as I feel they'd keep up with their equipment a little better than some of the other warbands.  I'll save the rust for my Snakebites. Whether I will be commanding them or someone else doesn't matter, as long as the tabletop has well painted miniatures.  I won't talk much other than to say I kept the color scheme simple and as Goff as I could. If you have any suggestions on names for the Stompa I'm all ears.

Here's the pics:

"Wez gunna krush some umie eads!  Dat Ole Yarrick has got a nuver' ting comin if he tinks wez gonna let em chase us all oe'r the space! "




  1. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. There is an amazing amount of character and detail in that model. Might have taken some time, but it looks amazing.

  2. Thanks Greg I appreciate it. I may have explained it wrong up top but this model was amazingly fast to paint. It only took me about 2 days. Unfortunately that poor Stompa has been sitting on the shelf for years unpainted. I'm really happy to finally give him a paint job it deserves.

  3. 2 days, five years. Time has no meaning in the warp :).

    Should set him up in some epic battles now (maybe even a boss battle, everyone vs the stompa!)

  4. Hahaha! Good point.

    And he's slated for a couple of battles this summer. We will figure out something epic for him.