Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hobby Update: Basecoating Knight Paladin and Vehicles

I focused finishing up the basecoats on 3 of my 327th Ghazghkull Hunters vehicles tonight. I put a drybrush of Skavenblight Dinge on my command Chimera which will primarily be hauling around Yarrick and his Scion goon boys. I did the same with the Wyvern. I got a light wash of Agrax Earthshade on the Chimera and another light drybrush of Skavenblight on the grey and a drybrush of Mecharius Standard on the black armor. Didn't have time to do the second coat on the Wyvern. 

Also I laid a second wash on my Knight Paladin. The first wash was Nuln Oil but since I wanted to have a bit more of a battle worn look I went with Agrax Earthshade for the second. This should also tie into the rest of the army well as I've typically used AE to wash many of the other models in the collection. Next step is to give him a metallic drybrush. After that I should be ready to ad his armor and do some detail work. I'm digging his pose I've got him in right now. Very GQ. 

Finally I prepped some smoke bases that I'll paint up tomorrow after the glue dries. I love using these as destroyed vehicle markers. They are simply model train vegetation I found at Hobby Lobby. 

We are starting our Ork vs Imperial campaign tomorrow evening. 

A Storm is Coming....



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  1. Looking great. The models already look so cool with just the base coat and washes.

    It's funny because I'm working on the opposing side...the orks (winners obviously :) ).