Sunday, June 29, 2014

Knight Paladin: Dauntless 320

He's finally coming together and man is he looking ready to fight! I've struggled staying focused and finishing this model but sometimes you just have to ask yourself, "what would Yarrick do?" He'd push on and kick some Ork ass! More pics after the jump!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hobby Update: More Terrain!

Well work has kept me busy. Real busy. 

Even so I did some substantial terrain work throughout the week. I've been sitting on a bunch of left over terrain from my landing port table so I decided to throw together a bit of city terrain. I learned that I am in fact not very good at building vertical buildings. Oh well it is masked by the fact that the city has been shelled a bit. Also check out my fuel and ammo depot and downed Valkyrie objective markers. Those were fun to build and they turned out really cool. I'll probably be giving these a paint job this weekend. 

I turned this: 

Into this:

Small cathedral

Downed Valkyrie

City Rubble

"The Podium" A public speaking tower

Another shot of the cathedral