Thursday, May 15, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Imperial Fist, Making yellow look good.

I've been following the rumors on 7th so far.  Interesting and exciting stuff!  I also received some really good news in regards to my blog.  I may reveal that later down the road if it in fact produces something.

So here are my Imperial Fist I painted about 4 months.  It was my first go round with yellow on a unit and I must say it was very fun painting despite what a lot of people have said about how awful it is to paint yellow.  I had a good time with it and feel like this squad turned out pretty decent.  I went with a very war torn look on these guys which I feel helped break up the yellow a bit.  That and the black shoulder pads really helps the yellow pop.  I went with blue eye slits as I have yet to do that color with any Space Marine and even though I feel it gives a "retro" aspect when used with this yellow I really like it.  Also I free handed the fist on two of the Space Marines and intend on going back to finish the job on the rest.  I did have the idea of throwing some maltese crosses on the shoulder pads as well seeing as this iconography would not be completely alien to the Fists, it was Dorn's personal heraldry which he passed to the Templars if I remember correctly.  Any who these bad boys will typically deploy out of a drop pod and tag team it with a unit of Sternguard, also in a drop pod. Both squads of fist are intended to be an allied detachment with my Iron Hands and putting these two together would harbor good opportunities for sweet Army names.  A few I've already thought of was:

"The pimp hand of the Emperor"
"Emperor's One-Two knockout punch"
"Joe Dirt's Thunder and Lightning"
"Iron Fisting for fun"
"High fives all around"

Thanks for looking you nerds!



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