Thursday, May 1, 2014

Preist and A Party

Finished one of my Ministorum Preist today. Sorry my pics aren't the greatest, I'm going to be working on it so if anybody has got good articles on taking pics of minis I'm all ears. My wife has Cannon DSLR Mark 3 that I need to ask her to snap some pics with. Anyhow, I'm digging these Preist rules. My paint job is fine with me too. Table top quality on these IG models is easy and entertaining to paint.

We've got a game tomorrow against guess who.... Orks. Yep first go around with the new AM codex and my 327th Armageddon "Ghazghkull Hunters" are more than happy to hit the ground running. So in preparation some of the boys decided to throw a little "pre party" celebration. These goons are doing it for real. Yarrick reserved some space on the painting table and organized for a little decorative terrain to hold the party on. He also had a speaker system installed on the Taurox so the 90s gangsta rap and good stripper music will be going all night. Speaking of..... Creed called up some Sisters to come over but we know how they are... So we might just end up partying with these Wyches instead.
They're kinda bitchy but their Instagram accounts scream slut and Vect says they should like the stripper poles that 1st squad installed.  Harker picked up some "combat drugs" from Lilith and some shady Dark Eldar who kept saying don't take the blue pills? Meh... F!#* it.  Also the Storm Troopers ordered the kegs. They got the cheap shit again, for as much training and high society those guys were brought up in you'd think they'd spend a couple extra bucks for the good beer. Ah well, here's to shootin Orks in the face tomorrow! 

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