Friday, May 23, 2014

Faeit's Blog Exchange and preparing for 7th

Well I made it on The Faeit 212 blog exchange! Also I did some terrain painting today.

Yep here it is:

Faeit 212 BlogExchange: Blogs From Around the World

That coupled with him featuring my models on his website have really been bringing in the views. My little blog has only been going for a month and a half now but I'm super excited for things to come and I'm really gracious of the support so far. Please if your're viewing, please, take some time to browse some of my other post. Many of them are funny and entertaining and most have decent looking models (in my opinion) painted by me. And by all means leave me some comments, ask questions. Oh yeah and I'm thrilled to have a handful of followers now. I won't let you all down.

Now! The big cat perched behind the couch ready to strike is none other than seventh edition. Wow! I barely got to play 6th I feel! Regardless I'm excited about the new edition and most of the rumors I've been reading. It should turn out to be a good release and regardless, just remember.... Stay positive.

I've been gearing up for the midnight release at my FLGS and hopefully they got all my preorder stuff waiting for me. The old IPad is also rearin to go and waiting to download at my command, or Apples comand..

I had today off so I spent all day prepping some terrain for tomorrow's action. I plan on making an appearance tomorrow and should have a good showing with my new AM and some select few allies(which I'm only taking cus they're painted) and already have a game lined up with a buddy who's just getting into the game who will be playing one of my favorite characters in the game, Ghazghkull.

Back on subject.... I revisited my favorite terrain piece and added some detail to my Skyshield landing pad/port palace. This is one of the gorgeous pieces my good buddy Matt did for me as part of my Imperial Port city table (more pics to come later) which has been featured in a couple of my BatReps. Mostly I added highlights to the stain glass window (as I felt it was a little dull even though the tattoo artist that did it did an amazing freehand job), painted all of the lights around the piece, did some verdigris work on the eagle and brass around the model, and addedall of the transfers. The transfers are from the ForgeWorld Valkyrie sheet and also from the Knight Titan sheet. The big eagles were a little hard to work with but after I added some lahium medium and gave them a little weathering they turned out nice. They add a different element to the piece that I really like and filled in a couple of bare spots. The lights are typically one of my favorite things to paint but most of them were in really awkward places so getting to them was rough.

After of about 8 hours of dressing things up I feel that I am complete and this piece got a nice tune up.  I'm really proud to show off Matt's work tomorrow. If anyone is interested in him doing custom painting or terrain I can give you his email.

Also I'm working on finally painting my citadel apoc/moon scape/crater pieces that I've had forever. A lot of people didn't like these pieces. Aside from them being a little light (which is easily remedied) I like them. They are easy to through down when a vehicle pops and a crater is needed, or to simply use as terrain, especially the bigger pieces. I'll be up late working on these bad boys. I'll get some pics of them tomorrow during the game. 

Hey good luck to everyone tomorrow and their adventures with the new edition!  And to those about to rock out with their (you know).... we salute you!




  1. Outstanding work on the stained glass windows.

  2. Hey,

    I saw your blog on faeit and just wanted to say that the scenery you have painted here is really cool!

    All the best from the UK.


  3. Love the weathering effects on the building. Big fan of the moonscape terrain, once you add in a base of sorts, I used mounting card and then edged it with Milliput for durability and prevent warping they're a bit more substantial.

    Good luck with the blog.

  4. Wow! What a great peice! I am very impressed, especially with the stained glass brushwork.

  5. Thanks for the input everyone! I really appreciate it!