Monday, May 12, 2014

American Steel

There are 2 badass video and my post after the jump!

Alright so there's been a gap in my post mostly due to the Army keeping me out in the field all last week. It is fine though because Friday was our last day of Gunnery, the videos below were taken at the culmination of the event. After a month and a half of in and out of the field I'm ready to get back into my routine of eating meat, drinking beer, shooting guns, looking at the pretty colors and repeating. 

Anywho I've continued with my "spring cleaning" due to the fact we are having a yard sale next weekend. Hopefully this will unload unwanted items and place some good cold hard cash in my hand ready for 7th edition 40k, Orks, or the new Wood Elves. Heck who am I kidding I don't need more miniatures. Maybe I'll buy some more guns.... Hopefully the wife doesn't read this post. 

Here's an M1 Abrams shooting it's main cannon (an awesome sight to behold): 

And here's a clip of American Badassery unloading the pain and sending someone down range a whole lot of shut the fuck up.  Oh yeah and whatever they can't kill with there hot shit gunning then they poop out 6 infantrymen to mop shop. These are the M2A3 Bradley's I used to gun.  Kind of reminds me of a Predator tank. Enjoy:

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