Saturday, May 3, 2014

All out of BubbleGum: Beat Ass Battle Report

In the infamous words of Rowdy Roddy Piper from the movie "They Live" -
 "I've come here to chew BubbleGum and kick ass..... and I'm all out of Bubblegum"

So all joking aside this was my first outing with the new AM codex and my first game in a LOOOONG time.  Goings were rough but we got going and all in all my opponent was a great guy and being that it was one of his first few games he picked up on the rules really fast and from what I could tell was for the most part having a good time and. 

Anyways about the headsmas.... I mean, battle.  My 327th Armageddon "Ghazghkull Hunters" had a good time bustin caps in some green ass. 

Highlights of the game included the Orks Rolling their left flank into my armored column early in the game and popping a couple of my Chimeras.  They were swiftly cut down by lasgun fire and burnt to a crisp by heavy flamers.  

And my Vets took care of a DeffDread:


The Ork center wasn't having a very good time crossing the center of the board:

Battlewagon attempted to Tank Shock...... unsuccessfully.

The Ork Boom Gun doin work on my Vets.  

And those Vets doing some work to a Trukk.

Ghazghkull closing in.

Ratlings lining up a shot on the Looted Wagon 

And "killin it."

My Opponent had to leave early so in true "Forging the Narrative" spirit we decided to have a no holds bar bare knuckles boxing match between Old Man Yarrick and Ghazy.  

And after 3 rounds of combat Yarrick getting knocked down twice and getting back up the two old buddies ended up taking each other out at the same time. Gansta. Perfect. 2Pac and Biggie style.... I think...

Once again I'd like to thank my opponent, Chris, for being such a good sport and great new player. I really look forward to what the future holds for him and his Ork Warband and I cant wait to play him again. 

Oh yeah, and the Wyvern, yeah it does work.  Hard work.  MVP for sure.

Oh look, bubblegum.....



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