Wednesday, May 28, 2014

7th Edition First Game and I'm in D.C.

I'm in D.C. 

So I'm in DC for work. I should be home tomorrow so expect a Throwback Thursday Post and I'll amp back up this weekend. 

So I got my games in this weekend and tried out 7th edition.  We played two really mild games and didn't include psykers, flyers, super heavies, etc. in order to take it slow with our first go round and make sure we were catching the changes.  All in all I feel the same as most people in the sense that I feel like this is still 6th edition with a few minor tweaks and additions.  This is good I think as I quite enjoyed 6th and from what I've read in the rule book and heard from other's experiences so far the new additions seem to be positive changes.  Evens so it still floored me that as soon as I rolled in to my FLGS on Saturday morning almost half of the people were already either:

A. Talking about the "new hotness" they were going to build to destroy faces with


B. Whining about how broken things were going to be and how the above mentioned guy is going to build list to set their mom's house on fire with.


I get sick of hearing it.

That being said I did find the other half of people were generally pleased with what was going on and we had some good conversations about really cool themed list that have some potential.

My idea:  an endless, regenerating, demon summoning list taking on nothing but Dread Knights and a couple of Knight Titans.

Also there has recently been an influx of really good articles out there about all the new options now available and keepin how this edition could be one of the more fun ones.

ANY WHO I won't do a Beat Ass BatRep(BABR) for the games I played on Saturday as they were merely test games.  I will post some highlights and look out for next weekend, I should have a BABR up do to the fact that we should be commencing with out Ork/Imperial campaign.  Should be good timing with the new Ork codex coming out. I promise I'll play something different soon enough.

Yarrick was a boss as usual. He and a squad of vets beat a unit of Gaz and Mega Nobz. Of course I softened them up a little with combined arms from threw vet squads and a scion squad. 
The Wyvern was doing so good the first game we decided to replace it with a small squad of imperial fist as it was just to powerful. 


  1. Awesome terrain setup. Also loving the Chimeras with Predator turrets.

  2. Thank you Hudson. It's a blast playing on it. And yeah my vet squads like to customize their equipment and vehicles. It's kind of out of Imperial Regs but Yarrick doesn't mind. And he is the boss. Ha.