Saturday, May 31, 2014

Hobby update: Orks!

Stompa Inbound!!!
"Dats right umies it's time fo a krumpin!"

So no Throwback Thursday this week. Luckily I'm working on updating some models I painted prior and will post pics tomorrow. So you're kind of getting the best of both worlds. Ha. 

Anyways I got on an Ork kick this weekend in light of all of the rumors and pics dropping across the web. So I started painting my Stompa! I can't believe how easy and fun this thing is to paint and it's coming along very quickly. I should be able to finish up tomorrow and as such will have a plethora of pics. 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hobby Update: Gettin Some Head.... Painting Done

I did a little clean up work today on a few models. I spent most of the day getting ready for my trip to D.C. tomorrow but I managed to squeeze in some hobby time. 

I re-drilled the hole in which the antennae for the command camera was stuck in. It kept breaking off which was really pissin me off this weekend so I fixed it. Got in their nice and deep like, so it won't be budging anytime soon. 

I also prepped my Wyvern and the Command Chimera for their upcoming paint jobs by applying a second base coat and making sure there was no grey still visible on the model.  I'll probably start on these two later this week. 

And finally I revisited to new heads I modeled on my vets a few weeks ago. They are heads from the Scions box with some beards added. I I wanted berets spread throughout my AM army signifying that although they're from all different units and worlds and have different uniforms, they have the commonality of the tan beret. Maybe it's something they took up after banding together to hunt Ghazghkull, or maybe it's in remembrance of all those fallen on Armageddon. And no I didn't chose tan because I want them to look like Rangers. Tan just fit the look of the rest of the army.  

I also updated my Scion with a tan beret.

That's all for now. I'll be in D.C. Monday and Tuesday but should have a Beat Ass Batrep up by the time I get back. It's of the 7th edition games I played this weekend. 

Thanks for reading!



Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My blog is famous, kind of...

Well Naftka over on Faeit 212 did me the honor of featuring my models in his "Whats on your table" feature and let me tell you I am thrilled!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Game Wardens, 7th Edition, and Power Gamers

So I stumbled upon Games Workshops new video featuring Jervis Johnson talking about 7th edition new force organization chart and unbound special rule and I for one am excited. Already the net is a buzz with the usual moaning and groaning of "change" or lack there of.  First here's the video:

American Steel

There are 2 badass video and my post after the jump!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Kill Team and Spring Cleaning

Had some fun with the wife playing Kill Team. The first game I brought Wolves and Fist and the second my Vets with Harker. She too Dark Eldar both games Needless to say she beat me both go rounds.... She hardly plays. Go me. Anyways rolling the dice with the wife is always fun and I'm really glad she's so supportive of my hobby. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Preist and A Party

Finished one of my Ministorum Preist today. Sorry my pics aren't the greatest, I'm going to be working on it so if anybody has got good articles on taking pics of minis I'm all ears. My wife has Cannon DSLR Mark 3 that I need to ask her to snap some pics with. Anyhow, I'm digging these Preist rules. My paint job is fine with me too. Table top quality on these IG models is easy and entertaining to paint.

Throwback Thursday

So I figured I'd start posting some of my previously painted models as a homage to those who wont necessarily get the spotlight because they aren't the shiny new model I painted. Even so they are part of collection and mean something to the lineage of my painting history. Enough mumbo jumbo on to the pics. 

Here's my custom kit bashed Harker. I bought the original model a long time ago but it didn't really fit in with my IG. Even though his rules took a bit of a nerf in the new AM codex I'll still use him occasionally in regular games and definitely in kill team as I believe he's still worth his points there.
I thought about adding facial hair to him but I really like that ragged bald Bruce Willis look. So I gave him a five o'clock shadow. Overall I'm pretty pleased with him. The 327 is freehand. Yep, that's a shemagh he's wearin. And in spirit of Harker's favorite movie personality; the infamous words of John McLain "Yippee Ki Yay Mother...."