Friday, April 25, 2014

The New Taurox

The new kit from GW took a little time for me to warm up to but I finally came around after I found a couple of good color schemes. I really enjoyed painting this model. As with the rest of my guard army (which I'll soon post some pics of) I went with a semi WW1 German color scheme.  I think it turned out nice and with the exception of dressing up the rear comms light I'm happy with it. Hopefully it will ferry some storm troopers safely across the board or at least look good trying. 


  1. Nice job. Which greys did you use from GW?

    I am looking for inspiration for my own AM army. Dubbing between blue shades and grey ones. Grey would look nice next to my Rakarth flesh Tau and Administratum Grey SM armies.

    1. Jordi- Thank you first of all.

      The colors I used were Mechanicus Standard Grey, Badab Black, Stormvermin Fur, and Dawnstone.

      The stripes on back were Dawnstone and Administratum Grey.

      Believe it or not I used GW's guides on painting the Taurox for the most part simply replacing their colors for my greys. These videos hold a plethora of good ideas and simple techniques. I've been painting since I was just a boy back in second edition and I wish I had the tools like these videos at my disposal. Good luck and please feel free to send me some pics of your progress!

      Here's the tutorials:
      Part 1

      Part 2

  2. Many thanks for the color scheme and the clips. Need to finish on some Tau before i allow myself a new project. Must say that the scion deal that GW has put up makes it hard too say no.

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