Saturday, April 26, 2014

Riding OG in the Chimera

So I've actually had this Chimera a third of the way painted for over a year now just never got around to finishing it due to other projects. But now my reinvigoration with the new AM codex this bad boy got a fresh coat and some new decals. 
This will ferry around my old school storm trooper squad chalked full of goon boys ready to lay some havoc down onto whatever presents itself upon disembarktion of their beautiful chariot of death. Went with a kinda random paint scheme in attempt to make it look like ole boys did some custom work with the extra armor, maybe "acquired" it from someone else's Vic (which sometimes happens in the real military) OR maybe they just didn't give a shit and left them tan to make a statement to Sergeant Major that things don't always have to look uniform and pretty to work right. Plus they slapped some slick retro racing stripes on it cus it matches their sweet ass uniforms. This mentality of random paint schemes is going to frequent most of my AM army. "Wear what you want how you want cus quiet frankly nobody, not even Yarrick himself, cares as long as you are merc'n some Orks in the face." Plus old Yarrick is gonna love that Hell's Angels skeleton on the front, it really screams "we ride Harley's when we aren't putting Chaos Demons to shame and making Space Marines jealous of our sweet rides and dope beards." Oh yeah and the OG tank commander up top riding hatch up on the battlefield, well, he's kinda like a Honey Badger, he don't give a shit. 

Ride on playas, ride on. 

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