Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Intro and Current State of Affairs

Greetings, first off welcome to my little corner of the blog materium. Hopefully over time I can provide you, the reader, with a little incite, inspiration, and/or entertainment through my post, most of which will detail one of my favorite hobbies and pastimes, tabletop gaming. It is an immensive, imaginative, and, at times, a very in depth hobby which fills me with a sense of accomplishment and imagination.  Plus it keeps me entertained in times of prolonged and monotonous periods of boredom which sometimes occur in my job. Hence my very first post:So here I am in the field training again. Nearing the end of my military career I find myself doing less and less of the more enjoyable things I used to do in the Army. Even so I'm content with passing the time reading and catching up on my favorite series, The Horus Heresy. I've recently started going back and revisiting the books I skipped earlier in this series in order to try and catch the things I missed. Perfect example is held within the contents of "Mechanicum". Never as a 12 year old kid pouring over the little fluff and background I had back in the 2nd edition Rulebooks of Warhammer 40k would I have thought that someday I'd be reading about (spoiler alert) the details of the creation of such things as the golden throne. Good read and great way to lose yourself on a 12 hour shift. 


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